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Torch Investment Management Pte Limited ("Torch") is a global principal investment platform that is fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (the "MAS").

Torch, and the series of investment vehicles it manages, represents a core group of sophisticated financial investors comprising family offices and boutique asset managers from across the globe.

Our mandate is to seek, identify and execute transactions which fall under the category of special situations delivering the ‘extra alpha’ due to the timing, execution, size or structure of the investment.

Flexible mandate permits us to be extremely creative when choosing a target sector, investment structure (debt, equity or mix) or geography.

MAS Regulated Singapore Investment Structure allows our investors to benefit from beneficial tax treatment. In addition, we operate in a fully transparent model with our investors and our unique fees structure aligns our, and our investors’, incentives more closely than traditional asset managers.

We have deep relationships with blue chip investor community worldwide and are open to collaboration with like-minded investors.

To date, we have deployed and manage over US$ 150 million in invested capital in transactions across the globe.

We do not solicit investment opportunities and operate purely on a referral basis with our close network of investors and transaction partners.

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